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I received my radiator covers and they are fabulous. The room has a different feel and of course, an elegant look. I will be ordering at least 5 more.
Happy New Year!!

B.P., Chicago, IL

This is my sixth radiator I ordered from Colors Furniture. I have been very satisfied with the covers. Your quality and workmanship has been great. I will recommend your work to my friends. I wish all my purchases were as good.

J. M., Yonkers, NY

Wanted to let you know I received my cover today and it is perfect, thank you so much for your help.
I look forward to ordering from your company again in the future.
Thanks again.

P.R. Albany, NY

Everything is installed and looks BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!

Thanks again for a great job. The workmanship is fabulous. The seam came out great and the corner also. The room looks like something out of a MAGAZINE.

Look forward to next time.  Best Regards,

CJ. Patchogue  NY

We received the above cover on Saturday and I installed it. It looks good. This may be the longest cover you made.  I am attaching a couple pictures. Feel free to use me as a reference if you need one.   Please let me know the status of the second one. Good job and thanks again.

A.T., Hartford, CT

I received my order this past Saturday, 9/23, and just wanted to thank you so much for the expedited processing and delivery. The piece looks great in bathroom, really gives a nice, finished look without the visibility of the old radiator and I am very pleased. I'll most likely be ordering a few more of these from you in the future!

Thanks again,

J.C. Copiague, NY

I received the first four radiator covers and they are GREAT!  We love them!  Absolutely perfect.  Could we go ahead and place an additional order?  We just need two more from you.  Could we go ahead and get the dinning room and the bathroom cover?  The other radiator's do not need a cover for the time being (glad we held off on the entire order as furniture placement has eliminated the need for the other covers).  Let me know when you can get to them and then I would like to place the order.

J.D., Fairfield, CT

Thank you very much for the radiator covers.  They look wonderful!!!!  After the holidays we will be in touch about the other three. Merry Christmas!

K.T., Middleton NY 

Thank you again for the heater cover!  It is great!  I wanted to make sure you have my e-mail address still on record as Dennis said you would be e-mailing us the quote for the other four heater covers we want to order.
All the best! 

S.J., Nashua, NH

Thanks so much for dropping off the radiator cover. It looks great.
We've been out of town and so we just got back and got it set up.
I appreciate the care that you gave us and the quality of your work.

M.G., Belmont, MA